Butterfly Sugar Baby

Butterfly Sugar Baby


This juicy aphrodisiac cordial was inspired by the sensuous energy of late summer ~ collecting berries, long mornings + late nights, the ocean’s breeze against salt-water skin, iced coffee cup drips down your legs, the heat the heat!
+ yes, the name is referencing that Crazytown song..

Tequila + Honey infused with Damiana, Passion flower, Shatavari, Strawberries + Rose petals inspires a sweetness + lust for making the most of a summer’s night.

Damiana is a power aphrodisiac, mood elevator + circulatory stimulant that promotes heightened sensitivity, making every touch feel divine.

Passion flower promotes a relaxed state, easing thought-spirals that can prevent one from enjoying the moment.

Shatavari is an Ayurvedic herb + traditional female tonic, which can be enjoyed by anyone to promote a juicy, energized state when taken regularly. This herb can be especially helpful for those who find themselves too depleted to enjoy sex or produce enough fluids to “get wet”. This herb is sometimes lovingly referred to as “she who possesses 100 husbands”.. need a say more?

Rose has been used for ages as a symbol of romantic love + it’s medicinal uses are countless. In the case of this blend, it helps the heart communicate with the pleasure centers of our body, helping one assess + find their personal comfort levels + protect one’s boundaries. Once you know where your boundaries lay, you can feel more free to open yourself up to others + relax. Communication is key + it begins with communicating with yourself.
Strawberries + honey! Delightful!

Heather Benjamin designed the label + her artwork is an aphrodisiac in itself! Check out her work at https://heatherbenjamin.bigcartel.com/ or on instagram @heatherbenjamin_

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