Trinity Nerve Tonic

Trinity Nerve Tonic


I first started working with Blue Vervain, Lemon Balm + Motherwort synergistically several years ago as i tended to them in my garden. Something strong told me to use them together as a blend + i went with that gut feeling, without really knowing why. The result is a perfectly harmonized bitter/carminative/nervine blend that works to move trapped, hot energy out of an overwhelmed system.

Blue Vervain can often be too intense of an push to a stiff person unless they are soothed + supported during the process. Lemon balm, a highly aromatic + uplifting herb provides that support, while Motherwort relaxes the chest + neck to allow the energy to pass up + out.

The result is a divinely calming tonic that won’t cause drowsiness during the day, rather providing grounded, clear energy + healthy digestion!

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