After Frost Pink Mallow + Rose Quartz essence

After Frost Pink Mallow + Rose Quartz essence

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soothing ~ community ~ speaking from the heart

After Frost Pink Mallow + Rose Quartz work in perfect harmony to provide one with a calm that lays just below the skin, as if swaddling one's fiery, stressed out nerves in cool silk. 

This blend is most certainly heart medicine, calming the spirit immediately, then working its way to the lungs where it fills up all of the little bronchioles with light, illuminating the dark junk that we tend to hold there, holding space for it, and encouraging it to move on up and out.

These two work to support one to speak from their heart; to provide the safe space to recognize one's truth and to communicate it to others. It would be especially helpful during times of reconciliation and setting boundaries with family, friends and partners.

I would recommend this remedy as emotional support for anyone who suffers from anxiety, chronic UTIs, Bronchitis or Yeast infections, or someone looking to open and work with their heart chakra. 
It is a rather heart-opening remedy, so if you are someone who is highly empathic, I would suggest pairing this blend with yarrow or another boundary protecting essence.

This vibrational medicine is suspended in Spring Water from a spot near by and Mad River Rum. Made in the Northeast Kingdom, VT in the autumn of 2017. 

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