Elder Flower essence

Elder Flower essence

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grace ~ strength ~ renewal

A swan is known for it’s beauty, loyalty, grace + strength. The swan is not to be approached, as it will use the same wings we admire to fiercely protect it’s space + loved ones, yet it is revered as a symbol of love.

This essence evokes this swan energy, infusing one with regality; shuffling one’s feathers into place from the top-down, finally resting in the crown, third eye + sinuses.
It is relaxes one’s tension between the inner + outer perimeters, allowing one to glide smoothly along the waters of life + offer one’s gifts of love (within safe limits).

Elder flower essence strengthens one’s belief in self, boosts self-esteem + helps one regain their amnesty, accepting the crown + robe.

This essence was created on a new moon in Gemini while the sun was in Gemini as well. It holds the dualities; first brought indoors + placed on an alter over night, then sat in the bright sun while the strong winds blew across the water.

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