Fire Opal essence

Fire Opal essence

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energy ~ creativity ~ abundance

This essence is hott!  It is deeply energizing + warming, working to restore strength, confidence + a positive state of mind.  Helps to clear one's energy field of negative energies/entities that feed off of negative thought patterns.  It offers an instant energy boost + promotes long-term energy preservation. It has an adaptogenic action.

Fire Opal would be an excellent companion for those who are suffering from adrenal fatigue, exhaustion/burn out, tendency to cold, chronic illness, + low self esteem. 

This essence was born during the blue moon in Libra, sun in Aries from 3/31-4/1/2018.  It was created in honor of all my spicy Aries loves.

Like my other essences, this one is made with spring water + brandy, but this essence almost feels like sucking on a fire ball or taking a shot of goldschlager!  Don't be surprised if you feel some spiciness on your tongue or warmth radiating through your body.  It is just the fiery energy of the opal!

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