Golden Egg essence

Golden Egg essence

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self preservation ~ psychic shield ~ joy

Golden Egg is a flower essence blend made of witch hazel + yellow crocus blossoms.  It invokes excitement + joy, bubbling up and out + provides a golden sphere of protection in which you can revel in your own glorious energy.  
This can be especially helpful to those who have a positive healing energy about them that seems to leak out of their system like water through a sieve.

This essence could also help navigate patterns of building friendships/relationships where one feels like they are always in the giving role, as is a common archetype: empath attracts/is attracted to narcissist.

These two flowers work together to ease self doubt + limiting beliefs, + help one to give up the absolute need for other's approval, allowing one to have the space to revel in the moment.  It cracks open stiffly closed doors to shine the light in, restoring excitement + a positive outlook.

It would also be helpful for anyone who has difficulty connecting to pleasure due to trauma.  The Golden Egg provides a safe space to explore sensation + heal old wounds with your own sexual energy. 

This essence was made in the sunshine of my front yard in Providence, RI with the sun in pisces + the moon waning in scorpio.  A very watery time indeed!

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