Hellebore + Rain essence

Hellebore + Rain essence

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cutting ties ~ regeneration ~    reconnecting with self

This essence was made in the moonlight as the rain watered the new growth from the first real spring-like day of the year.

Hellebore essence eases the pain of heartbreak as the ties of emotional bondage are untangled + cut. It helps one recognize + stand in one's power as an individual. It highlights the connection between heart + the pelvic area, promoting clarity + truth when confusion or disturbing emotions have settled in those places. 

This essence can help one get in touch with their true nature + lost parts, reclaiming parts of oneself that have been given or taken away, bringing one back to a whole self.

It has a transformative effect, like turning a compost pile over time + revealing the gorgeous earth is has become.

Deep red hellebore suspended in spring water (with some light rain collected in the bowl), preserved with brandy.

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