Kyanite + White Camas Lily essence

Kyanite + White Camas Lily essence

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communication ~ presence ~ angelic

This essence was set under a white camas lily during a cleansing spring rain as the moon waned to new under a taurus sun.

It is felt immediately in the eyes, as everything becomes sharper, + makes its way through the rest of the body, settling in the throat as a cool glow.
It pulls awareness from the internal to the external, allowing one to feel the truth + have the courage to speak it.

Enhances clear communication in both terrestrial + celestial realms, aligns one’s energy + clears any blockages in one’s field. It is an essence of intuition + reconciliation. It can be used while working to repair damaged relationships + during times of negotiation. The clarity this essence brings can help improve one’s memory + general cognitive presence, easing anxiety + allowing one to be fully present in the body.

It is especially helpful for those who find themselves caught in negative feedback loops as it breaks the habits of self-destructive patterns + is an aid in rewiring the belief that what you want + need isn’t available to you. It is a first step on a fresh path.

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