Rainbow Hematite + "Persian Pearl" Tulip essence

Rainbow Hematite + "Persian Pearl" Tulip essence

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divine feminine ~ integration ~ grounding

This essence blends Persian Pearl Tulip + Rainbow Hematite, creating an essence that celebrates + heals the divine feminine in us all.

It settles in the pelvic area, shining it’s variety of colors into the depths of the womb. No matter what anatomy you were born with, I feel we all carry womb space, which acts as a storage container for physical + energetic memory.
Often times this space gets cluttered with painful experiences, blocking us from living our truth + sending us into negative patterns in which we repeat but never seem to resolve these experiences.

This essence helps us to clear the clutter + make room for new, positive energy, allowing us to break out of unhealthy patterns + stand in our truth. It is very grounding, as it acts primarily on the root chakra, however the many colors of this kind of hematite reflect + resonate with all of the colors of the rainbow, making it a stone that acts on every chakra level. It is gently transformative. It does not force an outcome, just clears the path for you to create the change you need organically.

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