Rutilated Amethyst essence

Rutilated Amethyst essence

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clarity ~ accepting help ~ calming

Placed in a woven garden bed of chamomile sprouts during the afternoon of a new moon in taurus, a rutilated amethyst imparted it’s essence in a bowl of spring water. During this time, american red bud blossoms rained down into the water. When I went to collect this essence in the pregnant air right before a thunderstorm, I noticed a queen ant struggling in the water. I helped her onto a stick + placed her in the garden bed as she dried her wings.

This essence is felt in the crown + hands; sending a rod of light from the root to crown chakra. It opens one up to receiving help from above when there is a fear of “drowning” in one’s life, emotionally or perhaps overcommitting oneself + not allowing time for self care + essential connection with the divine. Increases receptivity for blessings from above. Amethyst is a stone of sobriety, folklore states that one cannot become intoxicated when wearing an amethyst crystal. This essence could be a great companion for someone working towards sobriety + accepting help from others during their journey.

Rutilated amethyst acts on the nervous system + can be helpful for those prone to nightmares + insomnia. It accelerates the development of intuitive + psychic abilities. It can clear the base chakra + aligns the whole chakra system to the higher mind.

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