Self-Heal + Phantom Quartz essence

Self-Heal + Phantom Quartz essence

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astral realm access ~ wisdom ~ energy healing

These two essences were made in November 2017 one after the other in the wake of the full moon in Taurus (Scorpio sun) in the dark woods of the Northeast Kingdom.  

This blend acts as a ladder to the astral plane, allowing you to journey for answers otherwise difficult to obtain + return back to your body with this new knowledge of how to heal your most hidden + fragmented parts. 
This blend would be especially helpful for folks who offer energy work from a distance, those who practice the art of divination, or are seeking connection to the divine/spirit guides/angels.

This combination is potent + I would suggest it be used with caution, as it acts as a portal to realms usually unseen.  If you have never walked between the veils, please let me know + I will suspend these essences in yarrow tincture to make sure your boundaries are protected.

Made in the woods of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom during a full moon in Taurus, while the sun was in Scorpio.  This essence is suspended in spring water + brandy.

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