i began drinking a little bit of shrub in water everyday this past summer to battle some chronic dehydration + now i'm completely in love with them. if you're a person who drinks a lot of water and still can't stay hydrated, this one's for you 💌


1)) pick some herbs and fruits and put them in a jar. i made this one with wild berries and some fresh tulsi i harvested from white dove sanctuary this past summer in vermont.

2)) pour some real "with the mother" apple cider vinegar 3/4 from the top.

3)) add a sweetener of your choice. i love raw honey, but sugar is a traditional choice.

4)) blend it up! i used an immersion blender, but anything works, even scissors.

5)) let it steep for about 7 days and strain! it can be sipped over ice in small quantities or added to water as a switchel for better hydration.


i usually add about a 1/4 cup of shrub to a quart of water and swig it throughout the day, adding more water or shrub as necessary.

have fun with different combinations! i recently made one with blueberries, chaga, pine + vanilla that blew my mind!  

Melinda Stock