Clean(s)ing House

I woke up + took a look around.  The floor had been accumulating dirt + dog hair for the last few days, dishes remained unwashed, the recycling box still filled with the previous week's bottles and bits.  This would normally drive my virgo moon up the darn wall, but somehow I had looked away + let it sit.

I took a minute to assess the situation + realized I had been subconsciously operating a dust museum because I missed my partner who had to leave suddenly for a family emergency a few days earlier.  I had been existing entirely inside of my phone + not in reality, + operating in an environment where it felt as if time had stopped.  
His eyebrow hair perfectly preserved on the sink's edge, dog hair left on the floor from his old lady german shepherd.  It's amazing how much one can still exist within a space without having been there for days + it got me to thinking about cleansing the energy of a place as well as the physical remains.  You could be coexisting with a houseful of people + animals you have never met who have lived there before you unless your space has been given a thorough cleaning, physically + spiritually.

Cleansing a space with smoke or sound, opening the windows + letting in the fresh air is just as necessary as sweeping + scrubbing.  The practice of spiritual cleansing has been lost in the push towards "logic" + science in the lands known as the West, but are slowly making a come back.

To cleanse a space, first clean the space.  Sweep from the back of the space to the front + out the door, tossing the grime out away from your home if possible.  If you are moving into a new space, never bring your old broom, always get a new one. 

Create a wash that can be used on the floor and walls, ideally with an herb with an affinity for clearing the energy of a space.  Rosemary + basil are both good choices, but really any herb with a strong volatile oil content would work.  If you have a specific intention in mind, search for a corresponding herb to be added in your wash to boost your work.  

Draja Mickaharic offers this simple + very effective floor wash recipe in his book, Spiritual Cleansing:
1 oz creosote oil cleanser (not wood preservative)
1/4 cup household amonia
1 teaspoon sea salt
Add each ingredient separately to 4 gallons of hot water. 
Mop once to clean the floor, then again + let it dry to spiritually cleanse it.

Burning an aromatic smoke in a space is an ancient + powerful way to cleanse a space of unwanted energy.  Often times, white sage is used, + although very effective + lovely, it is terribly over-harvested.  If it is white sage you desire, make sure it is from a reputable source.  Same goes for palo santo!

If you are curious about where to start when choosing a smoke to work with, perhaps start with your ancestral lineage.  Where were you ancestors from + what sort of plants did they work with?  Which plants were considered sacred to them?  This can open up a can of worms, but it's totally worth it!  Another route is to work with the plants that are local to you + the land on which you dwell.  Smoke is spirit food + the land where you live can sometimes be a picky eater.  Offer something familiar + you will notice a difference.

If you live in a smoke-free environment, boiling fragrant herbs in a pot on the stove is a great option + will make you feel witchy as heck.  A spray bottle with dispersive, uplifting essential oils + essences is a lovely option especially if you need some energetic protection + cleansing action while you're away from home.

I could go on + on about this, but I will leave us here for now.  Moral of the story is: when you cleanse your space, you are preparing it to hold new energy + clearing the path for opportunity to invite itself into your life.  And it looks + smells good too.

magickMelinda Stock