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Mindy Stock is an intuitive herbalist + sound artist based in Providence, Rhode Island. She has studied at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism + with Farmacy Herbs in RI + has gleaned nearly a decade of knowledge from herbal teachers, peers + directly from the plants.

Her work combines traditional western herbalism with the intuitive practice of plant spirit medicine, folk magic + divination. She approaches imbalances + maintaining well-being using a vitalist approach; reaching for breath, movement, food + ritual before a tincture bottle. 

She believes that healing can be found through connection; in the relationship between the human + the plant, the plant + it's environment. The medicine is found in the ocean's mist that dances with the wild rose blossoms; it is in the spaces between delicate, feather-like yarrow leaves + the shift in one's eye when a small drop of an herbal preparation is placed in one's mouth. 

If you wish to begin your walk down the path of plant medicine, reach out to Mindy to help facilitate your journey.

Disclaimer: Mindy does not treat, diagnose, or cure disease. She does not prescribe or practice medicine. She offers natural remedies that support wellness + shift imbalances in the body, bringing one closer to their natural state of health.


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