Violet : support for the sensitive

For all of it's flaws + oddities, I can't help but love living in the tiny, New England state of my birth, Rhode Island.  There is a lot to love: access to the woods, beach, meadows, swamps, rivers, ponds, even a desert (of sorts)!  Those that know me too well have certainly stood by while I put on a Rhode Island accent (if you're unfamiliar, think Family Guy) and waxed poetic about everything this little state has to offer.

But I must admit, there is MUCH intensity packed into this place.  There are people everywhere, road raging and cat-calling + throwing their energy around.  There's so much pollution, whether it's from the old industrial days still embedded in the soil and water, or from biking behind a parade of exhaust pipes, strip malls, drinking lead infused water, you name it! 
There is also the mostly invisible realm, which some are more affected by than others.  Places with a thick history tend to host a lot of ghosts.  Almost every house I've lived in in Rhode Island has been haunted, + I'm definitely not the only one. 

With all of this energy + pollution swirling around in such a tiny, watery place, it makes perfect sense that violet would be chosen as Rhode Island's state flower.  As a flower essence, violet protects + supports the energy of porous, energetically + psychically sensitive people.  It helps one to recognize the gifts that come with being sensitive, to find their own personal expression, especially if they are feeling overlooked.

Violet, when taken as an infusion or tincture, works to stimulate a healthy lymphatic flow + naturally supports the immune system by ushering toxins through + out of the body.  It also has a lovely cooling, demulcent quality, softening and breaking down any lymphatic cysts or benign breast lumps.  This softening, watery quality has a similar effect on the emotional body.  If you are feeling stuck + stagnant, inflamed + irritated, or are having trouble moving on from the grieving process or trauma, violet would be a wonderful herb to turn to.

When working to move emotional stagnation through the body, one can sometimes become over-whelmed with grief or anger as it is processed and passed through.  Yet, unlike other lymphatics such as cleavers or red root, violet offers gentle support like a cool compress on the forehead, easing the moving process. 

As with most herbs that work on the lymphatic system, I would suggest taking violet in the form of a tea.  To make an infusion of violet, use 1 tsp of herb per 1 cup of water.  Boil some water and pour it over the herb.  Cover the infusion + wait at least 20 minutes to drink it.  I like to let violet steep until it is just a little warmer than room temperature.

As you are making your infusion, you can charge the water with your intention for healing + ask violet to support you in this way.  Making tea with intention has a marked difference from just pouring water over some plant matter! 

Working with violet in a daily tea blend can be such a sweet, gentle way to invoke soft joyous feelings + spiritual expansion, while helping to cleanse the body of toxins one is exposed to on a daily basis.  Violets grow wild all over this little state + that may be the biggest reason why I enjoy living in Rhode Island! 

Check back in when it's firmly spring for a beautiful purple syrup recipe made from violet flowers!


Melinda Stock