Thyme + Elecampane for Grief

Did you know that energetically, grief + sadness are stored in the lungs? I often encounter folks who wake in the middle of the night between 4-5 am, overcome with emotion. This is lung time according to the TCM body clock.

Those of us who have suffered some sort of loss are too familiar with the feeling of "drowning in our sorrows". In dreams + in the tarot, water represents emotion; what happens when we are consumed by water? We can't breathe.

Two of my favorite herbs to call upon in times of despair are elecampane + thyme.
Thyme was traditionally gifted to a family after they had experienced a loss. It is warming, increasing blood flow to the lungs. It is also antispasmodic, antimicrobial + expectorant among other actions, which ensure that your lungs won't suffer any physical distress while bearing the weight of grief.

Elecampane root is warming, bitter, slightly sweet + dry. It has similar actions on the lungs + acts as a digestive bitter as well. I like to imagine the sunflower-like blooms entering the lungs and spinning around like blades, dicing up old settled sadness + sending it up, out + away. With just a couple of drops of the tincture, it feels as if breathing is easier. 

Both of these herbs are very aromatic + have a comforting, yet stimulating effect. Try thyme as a tea or steam. Elecampane is best as a tincture, or i like to mix it with some strawberries, marjaram + mint for a delicious oxymel. 

Melinda Stock